CANTINASOCIALE Progressive Rock Band

CantinaSociale was born in 1996, in the wake of an experience of music for the theater by the historical members of the band at the end of the 70s. In the first phase of the band's activity there is a theatricality which, in the evolution that led to offering exclusively instrumental music, maintains and emphasizes a "musical scenographic" side that ventures between scenes and colors always different, in particular in the latest work ASTRAFORISMI. The meeting with Beppe Crovella, producer and keyboardist of the historic group Arti & Mestieri constituted the starting point of a journey which, with the publication in 2002 of the album Balene (c'è qualcosa di più) for Electromantic music, determined a series of important events such as the Demetrio Stratos Memorial Award in 2003 and the participation in several compilations, including Kalevala. In 2006 the DVD Catturati Live was released. In 2009, CUM LUX, the band's second album, was released. In 2017 the band renewed itself both as a formation and as an artistic proposal, proposing with CAOSFERA (Electomantic music) an album that contains only instrumental songs. During 2019 CantinaSociale proposed the live "Caosfera ed altri viaggi" presented, with two sets at the 2 Days Prog + 1 Festival in Veruno and at the Verona Prog Fest. In 2022 the band's three albums, enriched with some unreleased bonus tracks, were released in Japan by Electromantic Music Japan. The new album ASTRAFORISMI was released in June 2024 which contains only instrumental songs.

Elio Sesia - Guitars
Rosalba Gentile - Piano and Keyboards
Marina Gentile - Guitars
Filippo Piccinetti - Bass
Massimiliano Monteleone - Drums
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