CANTINASOCIALE Progressive Rock Band

CantinaSociale was formed in 1996 with the aim of developing the sound of the alternative bands of the Seventies by adding personal research, as well as an original theatrical approach, to progressive rock. The meeting with Beppe Crovella, producer and keyboardist of Arti & Mestieri (a long-established Italian band), was the beginning of an important artistic path that led to the release of “Balene (c'è qualcosa di più)” in 2002, for which CantinaSociale won the Memorial Demetrio Stratos prize in 2003. Tracks from the same album appear in some compilations, such as Kalevala. In 2006 a live DVD, “Catturati”, was published. The band's second work, “CUM LUX”, was released in 2009. The album “Caosfera” (2017) represents a turning point and a challenge for the band, as it contains exclusively instrumental songs. Different artists gave their contribution to “Caosfera”: the eclectic Antonio Catalano – actor, painter, sculptor and poet and a a classical guitarist Christian Saggese. The band is working on a new instrumental album which will be released in early 2024.

Elio Sesia - Guitars
Rosalba Gentile - Piano and Keyboards
Marina Gentile - Guitars
Filippo Piccinetti - Bass
Massimiliano Monteleone - Drums
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